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Family Law

Clients confronted with divorce, custody or other family law disputes often find themselves overwhelmed with emotion and information. Our team seeks to provide every client with right information to make the best choices for themselves and their children. 

Our team will attempt to resolve issues as seamlessly as possible through mediation and alternatives to pursuing the matter in court. However, if your matrimonial dispute does proceed to trial our team will strongly advocate on your behalf, in an aggressive pursuit for your rights.  

Two Things Every Client Needs To Know:

Mediation: There are significant advantages to pursuing mediation to address matrimonial disputes. Mediation is less formal then traditional court proceedings, and allows the parties to engage in meaningful discussions about the issues facing them. 

Domestic Contracts: Specifically Separation Agreements, are a great option for parties that are able to agree on how they want to split assets and share expenses. These agreements allow the parties to decide the terms of their separation, instead of a third party (i.e. a judge). 


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